Your Safety is our top priority!

Above all else, we want Gateway Apartments to be a safe place for our Residents, their guests, our employees, and our contractors.  Please review your Life Safety Agreement, and review the following paragraphs.

Resident Maintenance Agreement:  You have signed a life safety agreement.  The information in that agreement is there for one purpose:  to help the Landlord and Resident keep the apartment as safe as possible.  Please read this important document and contact us if there is anything  you do not understand.  Click here to view the document using Adobe Acrobat.

Water Heaters and Closets: State law mandates that there is to be no flammable, explosive, or combustible items stored in, around or near any water heater or heating device with a semi-closed or open flame.  So, make sure that areas around your water heater have no flammable items like newspaper, cardboard, or fuels like kerosene or camp stove fuel or charcoal lighter.

Smoke Detectors:  We inspect all smoke detectors when you move in and when we perform winter safety checks.  During the year, you are required to inspect the detector by State Law to insure it functions properly.  If it is chirping, you need to change the battery.  Periodically test the unit by pressing on the button on the bottom of the unit and insuring that a loud buzz is emitted by the unit.

Exit Pathway:  Make sure your paths of travel are not cluttered in your apartment.  Think about how you would exit in an emergency where smoke obscured your path or in total darkness and plan your furniture layout accordingly!

Crime Prevention

Guiding Principals of Crime Prevention:

Trust Your Instincts -- Your body has many senses and will automatically alert you to danger.  TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS and be extra careful when those warning signs appear.

Avoid Dangerous Situations -- When something does not feel right, just avoid it.  Turn around, go the other way, and get help.

Lock Up Your Apartment -- Wherever you may be, keep the doors and windows locked.

Keep Valuables Out Of Sight -- Do not put valuable smartphones, tablet computers, or other valuables in plain sight in your car.  If you have a valuable bike, lock it up in your apartment.

Know Your Friends -- Size up your friends and safe harbors whether you are working, at home, in the car, or walking.  Then, if something happens, you have a place to go.

Be a Good Neighbor -- Keep an eye out for trouble and report it immediately to police and to management.

Have Renter's Insurance -- You have promised to maintain renters insurance with a $250 deductible while living here.  Please comply with this requirement;  it will protect you on the property and possibly while at school if you are the victim of theft.

Personal Safety Tips:

At Home



  • Lock Doors & Windows --  When at home or when you have left, keep your doors and windows locked whenever practical to do so.

  • Bolt your Doors -- Use the deadbolt lock on your front door.

  • Close Windows whenever possible -- Whenever practical, close and lock your windows with the secondary locks provided by us.  If you need to open the windows, make sure that somebody cannot reach in and bypass your secondary lock.

  • Beware Of Strangers -- Check the identity of strangers by looking out the peep hole in the door.

  • Do NOT invite random people -- Unfortunately, a percentage of the population wants to take your belongings.  Avoid letting random people into your home.  Be sure that your friends are responsible and concerned for your safety.

  • Keep Lights On -- Let management know if the entry light is not working so your entrance is well lit at all times.

  • Keep Out -- If you see signs of forced entry, turn around and notify management and the police.  Do not expose yourself to a criminal if you can avoid it.

  • Be Aware -- Be sensitive and respect your body language.  If the hair stands up on your neck or you get that feeling, be extra careful and assess your surroundings.

  • Lock Doors -- At all times when driving, lock your doors.

  • Keep Purse Out Of Sight -- Your purse is a criminal magnet, so keep it out of sight.

  • Keep Car In Gear -- Be ready to move at a moment's notice.  If you have a stick shift, put your car in first gear and be ready to go.

  • Check Your Rear -- Keep an eye on cars following you to make sure you are not being followed.  If you are, just drive to a safe location and ask for help.

  • Keep Your Keys Close -- Do not leave the keys in your ignition at any time when you are away from the car.  Keep the keys with you.  Remember, your keys can be a weapon you can use to protect yourself.

  • Be Aware -- Keep looking around you .  If you sense you are being observed or followed, check out your surroundings.  Cross streets to keep away from strangers.  Do not be afraid to run if you feel unsafe.  Go to a business or flag down a car.

  • Avoid Travel Alone -- When you are out, try to travel with friends.  There is safety in numbers.

  • Avoid Dark Areas -- Stay away from unlit areas.  If it is necessary to travel through dark areas, travel through these areas cautiously and quickly.

  • If a car starts following you, run in the opposite direction and scream.  Find a business or another car and ask for help.

  • When in trouble, scream FIRE!  It will bring more people to your aid than any other plea for help.

  • Hold Onto Your Purse -- Keep a tight grip on your purse, and keep it concealed if you can.

  • Avoid Concealed Areas -- Avoid alleys, areas with shrubbery or wooded areas, and other areas of concealment.

  • No Shortcuts -- Do not take shortcuts.  Many of these areas are off the beaten path and expose you to danger.

  • Wait, Please -- When being dropped off, make sure the driver waits for you to enter your residence before driving off.

  • Be Streetwise -- Make sure you know what businesses are open late, just in case you need help.

  • Keep Weapons Handy -- You always have weapons handy.  It might be pepper spray, keys, or other common objects.  Have them ready just in case.