Why Gateway is a good place for your son or daughter:

We specialize in working with first time renters.  Our staff, our forms, our policies, and our procedures are oriented to educate and enlighten the first time renter.  We know that many of our residents have no prior rental experience, and that our role is to educate as well as to provide safe and comfortable housing.  This is our mission, what we have signed up to do, and we do it very well.

We are focused, first and foremost, on resident safety.  We have well lit parking lots, a roving security service, and an on site manager who keep a watchful eye on the property.  Additionally, we have special features including wrought iron screens and motion detector security lights that prevent access around most buildings to "harden" our property.

We attract and market to residents who are serious about their education.  Gateway Apartments is NOT party central.  We believe that all residents have the right to sleep at night, and that they should NEVER be subjected to excessive noise that prevents them from being able to sleep after 10:00 P.M. every night.

We have an on-site maintenance staff who address maintenance issues promptly.  Our dedicated maintenance technician has spare parts onsite, a company truck, and an array of tools that facilitate prompt and complete in-house maintenance and repairs of common issues that arise.

We feed all our residents one meal during the first three days of finals week each semester.  This is because the stress levels are high and providing a good meal helps our student residents focus on what they should be - their education.


How close to campus is the apartment?

The apartments are about 1/4 mile from the center of campus, a short walk or ride.  A car is not necessary to commute to CSU Chico under normal circumstances because of our close proximity.

What utilities are included?

No utilities are included in the rent.  You should budget for $70 per month for utilities.  If your child and their roommates are not careful, the utilities amount could be higher - much higher.

Why do you need a guarantor?

We need a guarantor when the applicant does not meet our income and credit requirements.  Refer to our rental policy statement for more information.

What about financial aid - you still need a guarantor?

Yes, becaue financial aid is NOT a guaranty of payment for a year.  In fact, it is revocable by the State.  Also, the state has never been able to provide proof of financial aid for the lease period in our experience.

What if my credit is bad or if I have filed bankruptcy?

Your credit score is important, but it is important to note that we disregard medical delinquencies.  If you have lost your home, or have filed bankruptcy, we will review your file.  Our primary concern is NOT your credit, our main concerns are two fold.  First, can you afford to assist your child if necessary in the payment of rent.  Second, do you have a track record showing that you fulfill your commitments.

What is the difference between a individual and joint lease?

An individual lease isolates your child from rent liability for others.  We track their contract separately.  A joint lease is the classic California lease with joint and several liability.

What happens if my child needs to leave Chico?

We have an assignment process where we can remove your child from the lease provided they find a suitable replacement resident to take their place.  Once the assignment process is complete, the resident (your child) and guarantor are completely relased from any lease obligations.