About Gateway Apartments

Gateway Apartments is operated by SFinvest®, a professional property management corporation.

SFinvest Mission Statement: SFinvest embraces diversity and focuses on providing safe, high quality housing at all locations.

Gateway Apartments Key Benefits

  • VALUE: Gateway Apartments is a fabulous value for the following reasons:
    • Huge Apartments!  Our four bedroom plan is the most spacious in town.  Check out our floor plans.  When you are living with roommates, you need to be able to get away and relax in a space where you have room, and our bedrooms have ample room for a queen sized bed, a desk, a chest of drawers, and a chair with room to spare.  You are not cramped and have plenty of space.  Each apartment is between 1,414 and 1,560 square feet, bigger than many houses.
    • The Best Location!  We are not bashful.  Gateway has the best location in this town.  You are a short walk to CSU Chico.  But that's not all.  You can also walk to a gourmet coffee house, to 10 great restaurants offering everything from Burgers and subs to Japanese, Chinese, and Mexican food.  Need to shop?  Walk or ride to Safeway.
    • The Most Amenities!  Each apartment includes a full sized washer and dryer, a full sized range, a large home sized 18 or 21 cubic foot refrigerator, a private deck, forced air heating and cooling, and unbelievably large rooms.  Add to that a large swimming pool, a half basketball court, and a fitness center and you have the most comprehensive amenity package of any apartments close to campus.
    • Responsive management that cares!  We are not a fee management company that makes its' living by charging fees to residents.  We are owner-operators committed to providing high quality housing at a reasonable price and our staff is committed to fulfilling on that promise.


Before we talk price, we need to talk about the units available and the lease types.

  • We have two unit types available:
    • Our Huge units are 1414 square feet and include four bedrooms, two bathrooms,  a living room and a large kitchen.  These are some of the largest units available in Chico.  Each bedroom will accommodate a queen sized bed, a desk, and a chest of drawers easily.   Most apartments simply cannot fit a large bed in a bedroom along with a desk and chest of drawers.
    • Our Really Huge units are 1560 square feet.  They have an identical floor plan, but the living room and kitchen is larger.

  • We have two types of leases available, Joint and Individual. 

    • Our Joint Lease is the classic lease most people are familiar with.  In a joint lease, everybody is fully responsible for lease charges.  This means that even if you paid rent on time for your pro-rata share, you still would owe if a roommate failed to pay. 

    • Our individual leases separate the bedroom and rent charges so that the only joint liability is for common area charges.  The common areas are defined in the individual lease document. Only available in a 4 person occupancy.

  • Here is the pricing matrix for our apartments:


Unit Type

Joint Lease

Individual Lease

4 BR Huge $1380 per month ($345 / person) $1500 per month ($375 / person)
4 BR Really Huge $1440 per month ($360 / person) $1560 per month ($390 / person)
Individual Room
Huge Only. 
n/a $375 per person, 4 person occupancy
4 BR Huge 5 person occupancy $1530 per month ($306 / person) n/a
4BR Really Huge 5 Person Occupancy $1590 per month ($318/ person) n/a
4 BR Huge 6 Person Occupancy $1680 per month ($280 / person) n/a
4 BR Really Huge 6 Person Occupancy $1740 per month ($290 / person) n/a
3 BR Huge $1200 per month ($400 / person n/a
3 BR Really Huge $1250 per month ($416.67 / person) n/a

Floor Plans

Really Huge
"A" Unit Floor Plan

"B" Unit Floor Plan